Top phrases to improve leadership

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leadership phrases
Posted on Friday, 17th January, 2020 - 15:09

Do you speak the language of a leader? The language you use can determine whether people view you as a good or bad leader and have a huge impact on the productivity of your team, as well as the workplace environment. Here are five power phrases that every leader should be saying.

Tell me more

This open-ended phrase demonstrates listening skills and the desire to understand more, which can make your team feel more valued and help put them at ease. Quite often, many employees presume that leaders aren’t interested in them as individuals or what they have to say, which can cause communication issues. However, these three words help to show interest and employees may even open up more.

What do you think?

This may be an obvious one, but leaders sometimes forget to shine the light on other people’s opinions and ideas, rather than just their own. Sharing knowledge and ideas not only develops the overall team spirit, but can also enhance employee critical thinking skills. Feedback and communication is a two-way concept.

How can I help?

An alternative to ‘what went wrong?’. This way, you’re able to offer advice and help fix a potential problem without directly accusing a particular employee, which can cause conflict and demotivation. Yet, it should not be assumed that employees will come to you straight away when they need help, so checking in with them every now and again using this phrase is also very beneficial.

We’re a team

The best leaders are those who view themselves and their employees as a team; all working together towards a shared goal. This means that through both successes and failures, the ‘we are a team’ concept still stands. It is human nature to crave belonging and being part of a team is a great way to achieve this in the workplace.

Thank you

And last but certainly not least, ‘thank you’ are two simple words that many people forget to use, but can make a huge difference to an employee. Acknowledging someone’s good work goes a long way and can increase job satisfaction as well as loyalty. Who would’ve thought that just two simple words could result in so many benefits!

The key takeaway from all these phrases is, the aspect of positivity. As a leader you are the driving force behind the growth of your team’s capabilities, and a highly motivated team equals better outcomes. So next time you’re talking to one of your employees or facing a problem, remember these phrases and their significance.