PMP® Training For You

Individual Benefits

  • Dramatically Improve Salaries

    PMI® surveys consistently show salaries up to 16% higher than non-certified employees'

  • Better Job Opportunities

    80% of high-performing project teams seek certified managers to ensure success2

  • Worldwide Reach

    Recognized in over 200 countries and over 700,000 certified individuals

  • Showcase Your Ability

    Clearly signal competence at handling all aspects of a project, from initiation through to closure

  • Lifelong Benefit

    Certification requires continual professional development, boosting career performance

PMP® Training for Individuals

The project management industry is expected to grow to encompass over 41 million job roles by 2020. Now is perhaps the best time ever to get certified.

If you're a practiced project manager with plenty of experience under your belt, the PMP certification is for you. PMP will enhance the skills you already have, as well as developing other areas to ensure you possess the knowledge to personally direct project teams.

A PMP certification will set you apart from the crowd and is recognized in over 200 countries. It provides with you with the clear credentials to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, control and close any given project.

PMP certification is an opportunity to showcase your skills when it comes to handling challenging projects. You will join a community of 700,000+ project management professionals, showcasing your skills to employers and increasing your earning potential significantly.1

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1 Source: PMI Project Management Salary Survey, Ninth Edition

2 Source: PWC Insights and Trends: Current Programme and Project Management Practices

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