CAPM® Certification Benefits

Benefits of a CAPM® certification

CAPM® is ideal for those entering into project management, or for current managers wanting to take on more responsibility. Early in your project management career, CAPM will distinguish you in the job market. You'll be learning from the same PMBOK® Guide as PMP® Practitioners. The PMBOK® Guide is a global standard for project management. Aside from increasing your employment prospects, a CAPM certification will prove the following:

  • Your understanding of global project management fundamentals – knowledge, terminology, and processes.
  • Your ability to work on – or with – project teams.
  • Your commitment to project management and personal skill improvement.

If you work in a project team, the CAPM certification is extremely valuable, even if you don't lead and direct projects. This also applies to committee members, stakeholders, sponsors, and anyone else involved in the project. PMP eligibility criteria requires hours of leading and directing projects, which is not necessarily a realistic target for everyone working in a project environment.

Because PMP is the project management gold standard, CAPM is also highly regarded. Fortune 1000 companies favors PMP, so employers and co-workers will value CAPM holders, too. Along with a clear path to PMP, this is another benefit to CAPM sharing the PMBOK Guide's®principles, terminology and guidance. Therefore, CAPM is not just an entry point into project management, it's also an entry point into some of the world's biggest and most prestigious companies.